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Bikini And Stockings

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I love Annabelle Angel. No matter which way you slice it and dice it, I love Annabelle Angel. She’s nearly flawless. (I use that term “flawless” and “perfect” too often. Annabelle Angel is hot, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she was “flawless” or “perfect”.) But damn she is hot!

I thought Annabelle Angel was in her bikini…. But…

annabelle angel bikini stockings2

But it seems Annabelle Angel is wearing stockings. Very odd. It’s odd enough Annabelle Angel is wearing her bikini inside, but a bikini with stockings? What’s up with that?

It’s bad enough that we all get off with hot chicks wearing bikinis and high heels – which is utterly stupid but oh so sexy – but the stockings is with the bikini is kind of odd. I guess that’s just Annabelle Angel!

annabelle angel bikini stockings7annabelle angel bikini stockings6annabelle angel bikini stockings4annabelle angel bikini stockings3

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