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The Good Old Days

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Sigh. I still remember the good old days. Finding hot chicks between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four and talking them into getting naked doing fun things… That was fun.

Even more fun was getting their girlfriends to join in on the fun. “Oh, you want to cover each other with whipped cream and then slowly eat it off of each other while we video tape it?”. Sure ladies, sounds like fun.

This is Ann Angel on the left and her “friend” Annabelle Angel. Ann Angel was a big force in the industry, well known, well liked. I knew her but not well. On the right is Annabelle Angel. I thought Annabelle was hotter. God I wanted to bang Annabelle so fucking hard.

I am not sure what happened to these two. I do not know if Ann Angel owned the program, was just a model or the girlfriend or wife or whatever. Her site stayed up for a long time and then suddenly she announced she was doing a “XXX” site. This happens with solo girl models – they start off doing tease stuff, then introduce masturbate, then girlfriends, and eventually they fucking themselves hard with dildos and then doing full on boy girl scenes. They all say they won’t but they always do. They get a little taste of the good life with the money from a solo girl site but eventually that gets stale and they need to do something new… In order to increase sales (or just keep sales going) they need to do something hardcore to keep people interested. But it seems her new site is dead now to.

But Ann Angel was super easy on the eyes back then!

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