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Sweater Dress

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Sometimes porn cracks me up. And sometimes a single picture can bring back a flood of memories.

This photo of Ann Angel is the perfect example. I am so much a product of the 1980s that it’s no longer funny. I remember a time sweater dresses were all the rage. All the girls wore them, and they were hot. Then again, I grew up on the upper East Coast where it got cold during the winter, and women dressed a bit differently.

And when I saw this photo of Ann Angel it brought back all of those goofy memories.

ann angel sexy dress1

Ann Angel is looking smoking hot here!

In fact, one of the first things that came to mind was one of the first “sexy photos” I had ever taken. This was when I was living in New England with my girlfriend Beth; Those first pictures were in a black sweater dress on the couch in her parent’s house. That was a long time ago.

In fact, Ann Angel blows my old girlfriend out the water! It cracked me up when Ann Angel pulled up her dress and showed us a little bit of her ass…… Very nice!

ann angel sexy dress2 ann angel sexy dress3 ann angel sexy dress5 ann angel sexy dress8

Just a little bit more higher Ann Angel…. Hike up your skirt and show us the world!

ann angel sexy dress7

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