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Short Black Dress

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Every now and then a photo shoot comes out and it just knocks your socks off. This set of photos from Ann Angel is one such set. She’s wearing a short and tight black dress and sexy slutty little boots. I swear I want to fuck Ann Angel until I was so sore I couldn’t walk……

Very hot!

anna angel short sexy black dress2

This is the way all women should dress. Chicks should take note of what Ann Angel is wearing. Tight short dresses. We need to bring these back.

Of course, one of the main reasons short dresses are so hot is not only because they show off their legs (and Ann Angel has some sexy legs), but also because we like to imagine that they aren’t wearing any panties… And if that’s the case the only thing stopping us from getting at what we want the very most is a single piece of thin fabric that we can quickly lift up. I call it “easy access”.

Funny, I don’t see any panties lines on Ann Angel here!

anna angel short sexy black dress1 anna angel short sexy black dress3 anna angel short sexy black dress6 anna angel short sexy black dress8

Damn, Ann Angel looks sexy! I’m digging those boots too!

I bet you that Ann Angel is the type of chick who has a lot of fucking shoes. Whatever. As long as she looks hot slutty sexy I don’t care.

anna angel short sexy black dress9

Oh, she is wearing panties. Shame on you Ann Angel. I thought you were the kind of girl that would go commando on a daily basis. No problem. Those panties will come off quickly enough!

anna angel short sexy black dress10

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