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Old School Ann Angel Buck Naked

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When Ann Angel first started she was just a tease. In fact, most of the solo girls are nothing more than big teases. Most chicks are. “Oh, I’ll give you a little peak, but that’s it. If you want more you’ll have to earn it”. Nay nay. This is backwards. If the solo girl “wants more” she’ll have to earn it. After a year (or two) of being teased, their members loose interest. At a certain point of time they’ll want to see it all. It’s like having a Ferrari and never ever being allowed to go over the speed limit. After a two years of this  you need to bust a nut.

Ann Angel held out as long as she could, but eventually I guess she needed to take it to the next level. We needed to see boobies. And at some point in time Ann Angel started doing just that – posing topless. Just every so often. And that just got our engines revving. But still we wanted more. You want us to cough up our hard earned money you are going to have to show us your snatch. We want to see all of it.

And when Ann Angel finally took off all of her clothes it was well worth the wait. Ann Angel is fucking stunning naked.


I often use the term “flawless” to describe a women, but in this case with Ann Angel she is inf act flawless. Not a curve out of place.

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