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Lesbians In Bikinis

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There are a lot of things I like in life. But every now and then we get lucky and we get everything we want in a perfect little package. In this case with Ann Angel and Annabelle Angel I can finally get everything I want in one neat tight little package. Let’s go over this, one item at a time…

Boobs. All men like boobs. I am not sure why but we do. They are beautiful from all angles. We like to see them, watch them, touch with them, play with them. We seem to like them the most when they are bouncing around or better yet, bouncing around when they are on top of us riding us.

Bikinis. I love bikinis. That’s how I got started in porn – running a daily free bikini site. I love bikinis – it’s the most amount of skin a woman can show off in public without getting arrested. Women in bikinis are so freaking hot. Of  course, if you combine boobs and bikinis together, it’s a magical combination. Big breasted women in bikinis are stunning to look at!

Lesbians. Lesbians are something else that all men love. We like seeing women naked, and we like seeing two women naked at the same time – even more so when they are doing stuff to each other.

So now we have three of the hottest things all rolled up into one package – two hot lesbian chicks in a bikinis showing off their tight bodies!

I wish we could see a lot more of these two hot sluts naked.

I know Ann Angel has a site that is still open. In fact, she’s opened up a new one that is even hotter than before – much more dirty. I am not sure about Annabelle Angel  – it seems her site is not online any more. What a shame too – she was smoking hot. I would have kept the site online if someone had asked.

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