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Heels And Bikini

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Ann Angel has a killer bikini body and she loves to show if off… Today she’s at an indoor pool showing herself off; I love how her breasts sit in her bikini top! That’s just fucking priceless!

And you know, with Ann Angel being at an indoor pool… Well, it’s nice and private. She can strip down, go skinny dipping…. And you know what else!

I’d hit it! Right there in the pool!

ann angel white bikini1

Oh, Ann Angel must really want it!

Now she’s bending over and show us her ass, spreading her legs…. Let’s face it – Chicks like Ann Angel who wear high heels with their bikini to an indoor pool only wants one thing!!!

ann angel white bikini2

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  • Oh you sexy kid. Do you know what you do to me? I wish I were at poolside with you, plying you with drinks and bling, luring you into a private cabana where I could savor your hot teen charms. You’re too hot for high school boys. You need a real man who has been around.

    Rod Ramjet December 22, 2010 10:12 am

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