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Ann Angel Stripper Moves

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If there is two things I’ve learned about women it’s that all women are secretly closet lesbians (or at the bare minimum willing to play along) and they all want to be strippers.

Chicks like showing off. This is why they buy clothes (I love it when they wear boots during the winter, even here in California where it never gets cold. LOL.) and this is why they wear bikinis. You don’t see men walking around in public wearing little thongs. (Okay, maybe they do in Europe but whatever.) Women love showing off, and there is no better way for a women to show off for men than being a stripper. Okay, maybe they don’t have the nerve to get up on a stage but with a little bit of coaxing they can quickly learn some stripper moves and show them off for you.

Clearly Ann Angel has been working on her stripper moves. Or at least stripper like moves. This is the only reason Ann Angel is rolling around on the floor like this.


Every time I see a women like Ann Angel with bruises on her knees I know she’s been practicing her stripper moves. Or at least giving a lot of head.

You just know Ann Angel does both – stripper moves AND giving head. And I bet you Ann Angel gives the very best blow jobs too!

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