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Sexy Car

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Every woman I’ve ever dated has posed naked on one of my cars. At least once. And Allison Angel is no exception.

Not that I’ve ever considered Allison Angel to be my girlfriend – I should be so lucky. But clearly Allison Angel is the type of chick who isn’t against posing on a sexy car!

allison angel sexy car1

Not sure if you consider this car sexy, but at the very least you have to admit Allison Angel is damn sexy!

allison angel sexy car2 allison angel sexy car3 allison angel sexy car4 allison angel sexy car5

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  • It does not matter what Allison wears. It’s a compliment just to have her in the same room.Her
    presence lightens up any room, any situation.

    Dale March 10, 2011 9:17 pm

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