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My All Time Favorite

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Not a week goes by when someone asks me on a message board, Facebook, or email who my favorite model is. It is, and always will be Alison Angel. She is just perfect. She is in fact an angel.

The only one that comes close is Destiny Moody, but… Blondes have more fun.

Thankfully Alison Angel lived close to me. We weren’t exact buddies but she made a few special private videos for me, and has been to parties on my house in Phoenix years ago when I lived there. She was always fun. Fun to hang out with, fun to play with, and fun to to photograph. I’ve taken a few pictures of her in my day…

She’s also a good kisser too. Don’t ask how I know what.

Did I ever fuck Alison Angel? Sigh. No. I wish.

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