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All men love breasts. That’s not secret. It’s because we don’t have breasts of our own, and we are just amazed by them – and maybe a little bit jealous. We sure do love a big breasted chick; We love to play with breasts. And most of all, we love it when a chick is riding on top of us and their boobies are bouncing around.

Allison Angel has some breasts. Very beautiful breasts I might add! I love how Allison Angel is trying so hard to look sweet and innocent here with her finger in her mouth….. Yeah, we know Allison Angel isn’t all sweet and innocent!

beautiful breasts2

But one thing we are of is that Allison Angel has some nice perky boobs…….

Here’s a close up picture of her knockers!

beautiful breasts1

I’d love be watching those boobs bounce around when Allison Angel is riding on top of me, that’s for sure!!!

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