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Alison Angel Is Still Stunning

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Sometimes I think Alison Angel is the one that broke my heart – the one that got away.

Some of these solo girls I know, some I don’t. Some I know really well. Alison Angel I knew pretty well. Did I hit it? Well, no. I wish. But she’s been to my house multiple times when I lived in Phoenix. In fact, she was a regular at my place. Oh boy we used to party back then. In fact, I’ve seen her naked in my house more than once. I don’t believe she ever shot content there – my house in Phoenix used to be used to shoot content all the time – but even when we just partied clothes would tend to come off for no reason at all.

I love to party with chicks like Alison Angel….

And she is still so beautiful!

Of course I used to hang out with Lia 19 too. One time.. I remember watching Alison Angel and Lia 19 get it on. We had a few drinks, clothes came off, they started kissing… One thing led to another and suddenly Alison Angel was getting her pussy eaten out. I swear it was perfectly normal, like it was a regular thing at my house….

I do miss Alison Angel

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