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Alison Angel In Bunny Ears

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I have a lot of pictures on my on my computer, collected through out the years. Somehow they always manage to get passed from one computer to another computer. I’ve always had access to most of the solo girl sites and their members areas. In the past I’ve also surfed all of the sites and blogs, still do. I am also on all of the mailing lists too, so I get lots of emails about solo girls. Any time I see a picture I like I download it. The end result is enough pictures to last a life time. Lots of old pictures too. Lots and lots of old pictures. You know the saying – it’s brand new if you haven’t seen it before.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Alison Angel. Always will.

Today we have Alison Angel in bunny ears. This picture is perfect for our site. It fits right in.

Alison Angel used to live by me when I lived in Phoenix, and she would come to my parties. The parties I used to throw were freaking awesome. One year she came to my house, we were drinking, things got a little bit out of hand…. We always had bunny ears at my parties… And of course some how Alison Angel ended up in bunny ears. Sigh, good times.

I can also confirm that Alison Angel was a great kisser too. But don’t tell anyone I told you.

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