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Alison Angel Hottest Bikini

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After all of this time it’s entirely possible Alison Angel is my all time favorite solo girl. Oh, Destiny Moody might be the hottest solo girl today but back then Alison Angel was the king – or perhaps I should call her the queen. It was Alison Angel and Misty Anderson.

Yeah, I know she is not actively shooting these days but that’s fine… Alison Angel has so much content that I can spend the rest of my life fapping to it. And if you haven’t seen it all before, it’s like brand new to you. And there is a ton of her content too. Her videos are just classic…. So hot. Her running around with other chicks naked sort of “frolicking”. Hot hot hot.

And for some reason Alison Angel has always liked to wear bikinis. There is a ton of bikini content of her… It might be because she lives (lived?) in Phoenix, Arizona, and it’s always so hot out there…. Or maybe she just likes showing off as much of her body as she can!

Alison Angel looks stunning in a bikini!

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