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Alison Angel Has The Most Perfect Boobs

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Sigh. I remember the days when Alison Angel was local to me, and used to come over to my house all the time. Those were the days.

It seems like no matter which angle you look Alison Angel she is just perfect. She’s got great legs, and on the top of those great legs is a flawless ass. Her ass looks great in a bikini or panties or just bare – perfect. You can lick it, spank it, hit it. All good. Of course Alison Angel has a flat stomach (imagine drinking shots off of her belly!) and then those tits are just the perfect size and look beautiful… Then the face. They call her Alison Angel because she actually has the face of an angel.

Now I am one of the lucky few that have actually met Alison Angel in person and spent time with her… And she is super nice. I mean, this girl would never heard a fly if she could avoid it. She really is an angel, and she has a gentle touch too.

Alison Angel is the perfect woman!

I love the way her breasts fall when she’s just laying down naked…. I wonder how much time Alison Angel spends naked….

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