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Alexis Monroe Is More Woman Than You Can Handle

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Sometimes a woman is too much to handle. This doesn’t happen to us too often. If you are lucky once in your life time you get to take someone like her home.

I am talking about Alexis Monroe of course.

It’s almost like a mad scientist decided to take all of the best parts of various woman and put them together into one perfect barbie doll with extra tits just because all of us men like big healthy tits. And when I say “big healthy tits” I really mean huge fucking tits. Because that is what Alexis Monroe has.

She has something for everyone, blonde hair, great face, ass, legs, and in the event of a water landing during a plane flight Alexis Monroe has two flotation devices.

Seriously though, I bet you she is a lot of fun when skinny dipping… She wouldn’t need to swim because she is her own flotation device.

I bet you Alexis Monroe is a lot of fun in bed too!

It seems her site is really lots of fun… Lesbians with vibrators and sucking cock. That’s our type of girl!

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