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Alexis Monroe Has Seriously Huge Boobs

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If only more women were like Alexis Monroe huh?

Every time we go to the mall or even just Target it’s always the same story… Hot women with big boobs are just everywhere. I don’t know if it’s the bras they are wearing, or if it is something in the water, or if women just have bigger boobs these days. I would like to think that it is just women have bigger boobs these days.

I wish more chicks were just like Alexis Monroe with their big old titties out…. Yeah, clearly she knows how to keep men entertained.

This is what I tell the chicks I know that are single… There are two things to get a man and him interested…. Boobs and blow jobs. Now, I know there is steak and blow job, but let’s face it, I can go get a steak any day of the week. But a blow job, well, that’s a bit more difficult. And boobs. We like looking at boobs.

I bet Alexis Monroe knows how to give great head!

Women like Alexis Monroe are a once in a life time. Not sure if she would be marriage material but every man should have a girlfriend just like Alexis Monroe because, you know, every man needs a hot blonde with giant sized boobs to bounce around when we are letting her ride up on top of us. Right?

If you haven’t had a chick like Alexis Monroe before, well, get off your lazy fucking ass, hit the gym, get a hair cut, and take a shower….

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